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The modern man wants to have more, better, more qualitatively, more conveniently, it is more beautiful and not dearly. And main, that now it is possible. DUE TO SCIENCE

THE SCIENCE is a sphere of human activity, which function is the development and theoretical ordering of objective knowledge about the validity.

THE SCIENCE FICTION is a beacon in the sea of real life. It shows a direction, to which it is necessary to aspire, but, at the same time, warns about dangers.

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      We devote this site to arrival and prospects of 21th century. Here will be a lot of interesting about science and science fiction. You can read scientific clause and find out the latest news about achievements of science. The science fiction   will be submitted both in the literature, and in cinema. We have tried to make   the complete catalogue of SF-films and teleserials (though it is possible to fill up indefinitely) and   of the link on them in a network. On our site you, also, can play in space game.                                    
        Recently at us the forum has opened, on which all fans of science and sci-fi can communicate.                            
On the first page of our site is written:
" We shall do the utmost, that   21th century became century of the peace, goods and prosperity!!! "
    We are sure, that by joint efforts the mankind can achieve the best level of technological and spiritual development. Everyone can bring in the contribution to creation of the perfect future.
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Join us on travel on the world of 21th century.

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   The new century has come. And we have come in third thousand years of new era. What it means for the people? For all mankind?
   Step by step we move forward to the future and in ways we do not notice, that the future already today.
It is time to stop and to look back on the past. It is necessary to understand the mistakes and to summarize then again to be set in a way.


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